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The leading masters could not be satisfied with such primitive methods. They achieved also internal, personal irrationality, shutdown of reason at the level of mental life. For this purpose peculiar forms of visual self-hypnosis practiced. The "bewitching" force, as we know, is shown at long supervision of tongues of flame, the movements of clouds, etc.

Most likely, dealing with this artist and the person, it is necessary to recognize that literally everything that characterizes it (pictures, literary works, public actions and even everyday habits) should be understood as surrealistic activity. Dali is very complete in all the manifestations. Reading it "The diary of one genius", you understand that it not simply the diary, and the diary of the surrealist. Reading about Dali, about his tricks shocking public, you understand, as all his life was the surrealist's life. If to trust its "Diary", it even wanted to turn a piece of the real world in the Catalan residence into similarity of the syurrealisticheky picture, having covered the coast with a set of the elephant skulls which are specially written out for this purpose from the tropical countries.

Surrealism ((from the French surrealisme - literally superrealism) - the modernist direction in art of the XX century., proclaimed an art source the sphere of subconsciousness (instincts, dreams, hallucinations), and by its method a rupture of the logical communications replaced with subjective associations. The main lines of surrealism are frightening antinaturalness of a combination of subjects and phenomena which are given visible reliability.