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Game in hockey differs in a big variety of the used receptions. The techniques used in hockey can be divided into some groups conditionally; movement on skates, stickhandling and a washer, feints, selection of a washer (power fight, selection by a club).

If forwards lost a washer, they try to select immediately it, entering single combat with the rival. When it does not manage to be made, it is necessary to come back and take part in defense quickly.

For development of the general endurance use cross-countries, skiing, swimming, cycling, rowing, soccer, basketball. High-speed, or special endurance develops during the whole hockey season, including during competitions.

Thirst of fight, thirst of a victory excites, inspires, excites, and surge in emotions urges on the most cool. And if not passion, not a temperamental sshibka of characters, an antagonism of courage, will and vanity, unless would not seem hockey without a thing it slightly - slightly presnovaty? Unless it would not lose part of the emotional appeal? But all these skirmishes in the field – not squaring of accounts. Hockey players rivals, but not enemies. The respect for the opponent will never allow the hockey player of a message dishonest fight.

Excellent skating means for the hockey player more, than simply ability quickly to move from one place of a hockey field to another. The hockey player has to be able to skate so naturally and with such ease not to think how to tear off skates from ice and how to put them on ice. The thought of the hockey player has to be concentrated on a club and a washer, on a choice of a position and development of attack.

Force – one of the most important athletic qualities necessary for the hockey player. Force is necessary both when skating, and at washer throws, and at power fight. Force substantially influences the speed of the movement and is very important at dexterity development.

Skating has the following versions; run by a short (percussions) step, run by the long (sliding) step, run by a dash (a skrestny step, a perestupaniye), run with turns, a back forward, start about places, braking.