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In process of growth of a social production, improvement of relations of production the increasing part of unsatisfied requirements is satisfied. But at the same time there are all new unsatisfied specific needs.

Intellectual requirements – are born reason of the person and are connected with his intellectual activity. These are needs for knowledge of world around, education, professional development, different types of creative activity (including creative amateur performance) etc.

Distinguish systems of requirements of society and the population. Each of them is characterized by a certain set of requirements. Their satisfaction is necessary for normal functioning of society in general (system of requirements of societies, the individual or group of people (system of personal needs).

Absolute requirements express desire to possess goods. They are not limited to production opportunities, the income of consumers, have abstract character are not connected with concrete consumer goods.

However all these rational norms and standards (except for, perhaps, rational norms of consumption of food which are under construction on the basis of rather exact data of science on food) have very approximate and conditional character. But for the lack of anything the best all of them are used now for delimitation of reasonable needs for separate goods, and also for calculations of degree of satisfaction of these requirements (though have considerably conditional character).