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Speaking about changes in the organization, we mean the decision of the management to change one or more internal variables for the organization, structure, tasks, technology and a human factor. Making such decisions, the management has to be pro-active or jet, i.e. or itself to show activity, or to react to requirements of a situation. Change which is undertaken for an of the mistake found by the monitoring system — a typical jet. Action taken to react to the opportunity given by an environment even if there is no actual problem yet, will be action pro-active.

PERSONAL FACTORS. Work represents the main aspect of life of most of people, but, undoubtedly, everyone participates in many types of the which is not connected with the organization. These private events will also be the potential cause of a stress that can bring to lowered result of work.

TECHNOLOGY AND TASKS. Changes in closely connected variables — a and tasks — belong to changes of process and the schedule of performance of tasks, introduction of the new equipment or methods, changes of standards and the kind of work. As well as structural changes, changes technological often destroy social stereotypes, usually causing revision of plans — in technology can demand modification of structure and labor. I will dig for example, newspapers started replacing an old way of a set electronic system! impositions, they needed more specialists in electronics much less typesetters, than earlier. When almost all newspapers declared transition to a new type of imposition, they met the strong resistance of labor unions which were afraid of reduction of workplaces. Introduction of new control methods of quality and inventory holdings will demand a large number of changes in tasks of the organization. Similarly use of computer facilities often changes many functions of the personnel of the organization.

In addition to these factors the stress can result from bad physical conditions, for example, of deviations in temperature of the room, a bad or excessive noise. Researches also that the wrong ratios between powers and responsibility, bad channels of an exchange of an in oogyamzhkshchy I unreasonable requirements to each other too can cause a stress.

Improve especially effective and reliable relations with your boss. his problems also help it to understand yours. Teach your boss to respect your priorities, your working loading and to give reasonable instructions.

Summing up the result, we will notice that the systematic coordinated use of system of remunerations for encouragement of those who promotes implementation of the all-organizational purposes, helps people to understand how they should arrive in a conflict situation that it corresponded to desires of the management.

Structural changes have visible effect on human to a component as new people can join the organization, and the system of subordination will change. (Fear that structural changes will undermine the developed social and imperious relations, often serves as the reason of resistance to such changes. Impact on technology which is indirectly connected with new structure is less obvious. For example, the information operating system has to change to deliver information necessary for both new division, and the monitoring system behind its activity.

Estimate abilities, requirements and tendencies of your workers and ­ to choose the volume and type of work for them corresponding to these factors. As soon as they show successful results when performing these, raise them working loading if they wish that. In suitable cases delegate powers and responsibility.