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Easy rather small, soft, elastic. Color pink or red-gray. Surface of lungs (pleura) the dry. Sredostenny lymph nodes are located separate tyazha on the course, tracheas and sredostenye. The largest - kaudalny and dorzalny lymph nodes.

2 Heart. The warm bag contains a small of transparent liquid. Blood vessels are filled with blood. A cardiac muscle on a section dense, elastic dark red color sometimes with a cyanotic shade. At an avtoliza it becomes flabby and takes a form of boiled meat

It is necessary to tell and about other. Baikal – the mountain reservoir located in the center of the Asian continent. And that is surprising, its trofosistema becomes isolated a high-organized endemic mammal – the Baikal seal. Thanks to a mammal an ecosystem of Baikal, it is similar sea, it has to be carried in the category of the sated – full lake systems, representing tiny model of the World Ocean, fertile for researches.