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Considering all this, a strategic problem of reconstruction technological and the capacity of the industry and branch science it is necessary to solve in the following directions: increase of level of automation of technological processes and decrease in labor input of production of an industrial output; orientation to the low-waste technologies and the equipment increasing the accuracy and quality of preparations; introduction of new progressive methods, technological processes and the specialized equipment on all main spheres of production; creation of environmentally friendly technologies and equipment; development of complex engineering technological projects; analysis of a technological level and forecasting of development of technology.

In "Avtokraz" again the same plants that were earlier, - Kherson driveshafts, Tokmaksky forge and forming, Kamenets-Podolsky automodular, Mariupol radiator, Simferopol autowheels, Sinelnikovsky spring. The Berdichevsky plant of transport mechanical engineering, the Poltava automodular joined them Mironovsky car repair, Kirovograd foundry, Zhitomir a metalwork.

First of all, for cars the major problem - obvious lag on esthetic registration of domestic models. It is caused not only and not so much by the low level of initial development, how many long term (8-10 years) of their introduction in production, and also extremely long periods between stages of modernization and change of models.

As well as now, and demand both on automobile, and will increase by trucks which is caused by the reasons of economic, social and scientific and technical character in the long term.

In process of the economic growth of the country, volumes of a social production interindustry and territorial economic relations become complicated, more and more actual is a problem of increase of efficiency of a social production.

The technical and economic analysis of both ways shows that the second of them though is less effective, however now is more available. Already now it is possible to offer a number of measures for such redistribution of financial resources which will promote strengthening of material resources of health care. For example, by calculations, the average ecological damage caused by the car of middle class in six years of its operation makes about 5000 US dollars.

Echoing a serious obstacle - absence of specialized manufacturing suppliers of such components as system of injection of fuel, the modern diesel fuel equipment, amplifiers of a steering, anti-blocking systems, etc.

Construction of the accumulator enterprise in Krivoy Rog, in the neighbourhood with the Central rudoremontny plant comes to an end. Here will annually release about 150 thousand accumulators. All regional transport associations invested new production. However, the Cherkassk plant "Rotor" which detained delivery of the pastonamazochny car and drying units afflicted.

Therefore, ecology and economy, without "being joined", do not help to go one road and ecology with equipment. Let's follow the same example of "Ikarusami". Predesigns show: if to consider an ecological factor of activity, replacement of park of city Ikarus buses by electrobuss even now, during "disorder and swayings", it is economically expedient. Because the city bus - the most toplivoyemky and most ecologically harmful type of city transport.

From the very beginning of creation of domestic automotive industry it was focused on a binding of productions of this or that type of vehicles and accessories to a certain manufacturer, as a rule with the closed cycle. Result became, on the one hand, practical disinterest of the plants structurally close to a subsistence economy, in interfactory unification and the cooperated mutually deliveries of knots, units and details, with another - lack of economic interest in expansion of own type and the nomenclature of the production, increase of its technological level.

In increase of competitiveness of branch in general the technological level of production and its main component - processing equipment which now considerably concedes to the equipment of the best foreign firms have to play a key role.