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On the existing practice of work of offices of the large organizations on control only the affairs which are taking place according to the second scheme are put. And, as it is known from complaints of employees of offices, business passing according to the first scheme often "sag", i.e. are lost during processing. If further comes to someone from directors to mind to receive information on such business, in office there are rather big problems.

All documents passing through office are the connected documents in the sense that the majority of them refers to other documents. The most typical case is the incoming document which practically always generates corresponding to it proceeding.

The considerable part of problems of office arises because of that it is obliged to control only executives, but not a full chain of processing of the document. The full chain of processing of the document is controlled at the level of systems of the organization of document flow of department or at the level of special office-work (see Interrelations of system of automation of document flow of office).

Analytical reports are issued rather seldom. Often they are made out in the form of the separate edition and extended on all organization. In this regard to them it is shown rather high requirements for quality of registration. Generally they have to include logos of the enterprise, the coats of arms and other graphic symbolics. Examples of such reports:

By consideration of reports their group is not made (i.e. actually reports maybe less if to use specialized filters). Each operational report has to have a filter setting time interval in which there is a completion of works. Data of this filter are located in report heading. Typical examples of such reports can be:

In the organization there has to be only one channel of receipt of incoming documents. Even if documents acceptance is constructed according to the distributed scheme (see. "Methods of communications with the outside world"), it is made only for increase of speed of processing of documents. All such divisions instantly provide information in office (it is desirable in the on-line mode of communication with office). It is possible to consider that such remote points of document registration are divisions of office.

Documents of each of these types can be sufficient are various. It can be letters, orders, circular instructions, etc. Usually as document type at the enterprise it is understood these divisions, and even more detailed (we will allow, if letters, to that devoted - complaints, offers, wishes, etc.). From the point of view of office this division is rather uninteresting though in internal full system office-work it certainly is necessary. Further it will be considered only office types of documents - entering, internal and proceeding here.

Attributes of documents at each partner are very various. At the same time it is possible to allocate the general part of attributes which meet practically in all organizations. And these general of attribute are a little various at all types of office documents.

To complete the picture document flow at the enterprise the system document flow should not come to an end on executives, i.e. the system of automation of document flow of the organization should not become isolated only on office, and has to have continuation in control systems of document flow of divisions of the organization.

In the concrete organizations these attributes can carry various names or be added by additional attributes, often large number. But the listed above attributes are present at all offices of the enterprises.

The needs on electronic processing of documents were met by application of functional packages (editors of the text and spreadsheets) and the integrated software packages of Microsoft Office, Perfect Office, Lotus Smart Suite. These means were insufficient for management of huge flows of the paper and electronic documents circulating both in one enterprise and between them. In general such approach sinned with lack of complexity in automation of office-work and management of document flow.